Why you should choose Sterling pro French press among others

  • The sterling French press coffee maker will make the best tasting coffee ever made with good looking features. you can brew 1 liter  can Make totally 8cups , 4 ounce cups or about 4 coffee mugs 34ounces. It is made of durable, The first French press maker has DOUBLE SCREEN SYSTEM.
  • The design looks stylish it will make sure that the plastic will not touch the coffee while pouring or while brewing. The plastic liner is attached to the lid will not make the lid getting hot. This French press is made with lot of experience by keeping coffee lovers in mind.
  • It will remove all the coffee beans and grinds more superior when compared to other French press makers. The size of coffee maker will be 16cm*14cm*24cm.
  • You will be getting TWO EXTRA REPLACEMENTS SCREENS including with sterling pro maker by using this you can make a great coffee for years. The weight of sterling pro French press maker will be 1.8 pounds.
  • You can check the reviews before buying any coffee press maker according to the reviews you can buy this product then only you will get to know how customers are feeling about this product.
  • PERFECT GIFT TO ALL TEA AND COFFEE LOVERS — you can gift it to your friends, family members and best one to use in birthday parties and also Christmas gifts.

sterling pro french press coffeeSterling pro French press coffee maker is one of the best rated coffee maker in the market. you can buy it for low price.

I will show the qualities why it is good and best press maker among others some of the French press will have grounds in the coffee after preparing it and the grounds will stick to the maker but this French press is not like that no grinds will be there in coffee with full flavoured and no grounds or coffee beans will stick to the coffee maker .

Easy to wash, reliable, durable It has double plunge screen instead of a usual one with high resistance power.

Good thing is you can make both coffee and tea , tea lovers can also buy this it will give delicious taste it is made with Borosilicate Glass. French press has unique double screen. It is made with Heat Resistance glass. Some press makers will break because of heat but this will not break it will last for more it has that capacity.

  • Fantastic looks with shiny frames good looking classic design it comes with quality printed gift box that any coffee or tea lover will like it.
  • There are two screens in this by adding the double screen the primary screen will tough the glass tightly and the secondary screen it will filter the tiny grinds which pass through primary screen.
  • The temperature of the French press ranges 190 degrees F , 200 boil block settings which will cover the needs of most coffee lovers.
  • You can test the sterling pro coffee press maker by checking the reviews you will get to know the detailed information and how many customers are satisfied with this product. There are 2500+ satisfied customers. You can check the reviews when you are planning to buy this product.
  • No need to compromise on price you will get it for best price and you will never forget the fabulous taste of the coffee.
  • Clean them thoroughly after using it immediately or it will make harder to clean then you need to scrub it will shorten its life.


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