Benefits of sterling pro french press over regular coffee maker

french press coffee makerDo you know that coffee is consumed at a rate of 12000 cups for every second in the world?

In this most of the coffee lovers make their coffee in their homes using french press coffee makers and sterling pro french press is one of the best coffee makers. It has a stainless steel design and provides up-to 1L capacity of brewed coffee where as the normal coffee makers like drip provide below 1L capacity.

Sterling pro french press coffee maker has stainless steel both in interior and exterior compared to regular coffee maker it is made of plastic and can expand due to enormous heat. The double wall in sterling pro keeps your coffee warm longer and stays outside cool which makes difference compared to regular coffee maker which consists of single walled and no longer it keeps warm. The composition of this press maker with stainless steel and double screen makes it easy to use, the problem occurs when we use plastic and glass coffee presses which heats up very bad after regular use.

Sterling pro provides 1L capacity and its enough for home purposes in the morning and evening. The primary screen touches the wall slightly and secondary screen filters grounds which pass through primary screen. It is not so heavy and you can handle it very easily and it’s enough to grasp the handle and pour the coffee as there is enough distance between handle and carafe not to risk of burning your hands. This is the first french press to use double screen systems and its can be gifted to your loved ones whereas the regular plastic coffee makers cannot be gifted.

Replacement of screens, if anything goes wrong with this screens we can replace them without spending extra money for screens whereas for regular coffee makers if it is broken it cannot be used again. The sterling pro french press is helping you to experience your coffee better and the carafe is nicely designed and perfect for everyone who loves tasting coffee. Sterling pro french press coffee maker is durable, heat resistant carafe, reasonable, stylish and strong.

You can wash it using dishwasher with soap, and it will not stick and will not taint. The coffee maker is ideal to keep coffee warm for more hours and wont loose heat because the lid and holder is also made of steel. The ground will not have coffee or tea leaves and also on your cup. This is the most convenient way to prepare coffee just by pressing a button you will get a cup of coffee at the end and it is provided with a timer to have a cup ready.

The french press makes a strong coffee which is made with basic equipment. In regular coffee makers beans cannot be grind properly and are situated at bottom of the maker. Brewing process using french press is easier than some drip machines, it involves just by pouring coffee and then covering them with hot water. It is very easy to clean as it is just a simple glass cylinder.

This press is made from simple parts than can be easily removed. When comes to regular makers it is very difficult reach inside and also it stains the basket. Temperature control is the main important thing to heat water quickly before it is passed to chamber. If the water is not heated properly then coffee will not be made. French press can control the temperature of water. The double stainless screen system makes your coffee has no ground and it will give rich flavor of brewed coffee without bitterness. Using other regular coffee makers we cannot afford these benefits.


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